Bowles Hall Alumni Association

“Innovation, attention to detail, thinking ahead are just some of the many important advantages of working with StyleBridge in any aspect of web site design, development, implementation, and management. Meghan Monaghan is a highly qualified and experienced editor and “wordsmith,” in addition to being a superior systems technician, and is well versed in anticipating clients’ real needs, particularly those required to reach and influence target audiences.

I have known Meghan for over 20 years as both an employee and contract service provider and can only describe her as the most productive and reliable person with whom I have ever worked in a career of almost 60 years, including 30 plus in the United States Marine Corps, 20 in the association management field, and several more in various communications efforts, mostly newspapers, and education.

Serving in an unpaid volunteer position as communications director for a college alumni group, I contracted with Meghan to develop, implement, and manage a new web site. This was no easy task because the leadership of the group was unfocused as to the precise nature of a new web site – one dating back about 10 years, and very poorly managed and maintained, was already in place – and could not agree nor articulate about focus and content.  It was very important to achieve a balance with the new web site inasmuch as the association needed to find $55 million to fund its proposed goal of establishing a residential college at the University’s flagship campus.

With major obstacles to overcome, Meghan plowed ahead, developing an attractive and focused web site that supported the residential college concept as desirable for the University.

Finally, Meghan’s skills at working closely with clients and understanding their real needs and desires and how best to articulate those to a target audience are superior.  A University of Richmond graduate who also holds a master’s degree from George Mason University, she is an energetic, enthusiastic, articulate, and skilled advocate for any client and produces products that reflect these qualities.”

–Bruce Pifel
Former Communications Director
Bowles Hall Alumni Association